Poverty and Social Development

24 Mei

Poverty is defined as the lack of some fixed level of material goods necessary for survival and minimal well-being. Poor people have very few opportunities to influence and affect decision making within the political system. The culture of poverty is a specific syndrome that grows up in some situations and also happened in our country. It requires an economic setting of cash economy, a high rate of unemployment and under employment, low wage dan people with low skill. The poor realize that they have a marginal position within a highly stratified and individualistic capitalistic society, which does not offer them any prospect for upward mobility. In order to survive the poor have develope their own institutions and agencies because the larger society tends to ignore them. The poor people should have the involvement to the public space. They should be taken care by the government in order to get the better life.

The poor or rich people have the same right to choose and involve in the process of democracy. Actually, the rich people can eliminate the poor to achieve their hidden interest. Many poor people became a victim from the development and they must receive discrimination from the people with highest interest. The government should overcome this problem so that the poor people also get the improvement. We need a good social development that focused to overcome the poverty in Indonesia. Social development is a process which results in the transformation of social structure in a manner which improves the capacity of the society to fulfill its aspirations. Society develops the consciousness and social consciousness develops by organization. Development is a process, not a programme. Development implies a qualitative change in the way the society carries out its activities, such as through more progessive attitudes and behaviour. It is governed by many factors that influence the result of developmental effort. There must be a motive that drives the social change and essential preconditions for that change occur. Development is the result of society’s capacity to organize human energies and productive resources in order to make the condition from the poor can be better.

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